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Combining chiropractic, osteopathic, physiotherapy, soft tissue, cupping, rehabilitation & McKenzie MDT techniques for better results. 

Combining Chiropractic: integrated, evidence based, musculoskeletal therapy.

These include but are not limited to the following that have a musculo-skeletal link:

  • Neck Pain, Headaches & Migraines.
  • Back, Buttock, Sciatica & Leg Pain.
  • Shoulder, Rotator Cuff & Arm Pain, Carpal Tunnel & Tennis/Golfers Elbow.
  • Vertigo [Dizziness; benign (BPPV) & cervicogenic].
  • Restlessness & Lethargy.
  • In general most musculoskeletal & disc conditions.

Our broad range of techniques allows us to employ unique therapies for each client. We can provide care for any age & by not being limited to chiropractic techniques alone we can employ a variety of approaches to treat the same condition. Thus finding the most efficient combination that suits you as an individual. We use long consultation times; allow 1 hour for your initial consult which usually includes therapy & 30 minutes thereafter. X-rays are not required unless diagnostically indicated.

To us it’s just plain common sense…

“We believe therapeutic over-specialisation leads to limited diagnostic scope. That’s why we mix diagnostic & therapeutic elements from a variety of sources. It leads to diversification of diagnosis & treatment. This in turn leads to efficient care. Above all correct diagnosis be-gets appropriate treatment. The treatment should never be applied in the absence of a credible, logical diagnostic model.”


Diversified manual adjusting, Wedges / SOT Blocks.
Activator, Flexion-Distraction & Drop Piece Assisted.


Deep Tissue, Pressure Point, Cross Friction, Myofascial Release & Cupping.

Core Strengthening

Rehabilitation through identification & correction of endurance deficit core muscles; essential for aiding recovery & preventing relapses; only in relevant cases.

McKenzie MDT

As developed by NZ Physiotherapist Robin McKenzie. At the core of MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy) is a system of syndrome categorising & appropriate therapy. It allows accurate diagnosis of pre-disc bulge radial crevices & disc bulges from other types of pain & allows for predictive outcomes. Its similarity to chiropractic diagnosis & therapy allows for seamless integration in our practice. We have found the “hands-off” MDT loading exercises to greatly enhance the results from our “hands-on” therapy.


Epley technique for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.
TMJ [jaw] & Peripheral Joint Techniques.
Joint Mobilisation & Mobility techniques.
BML Heel lifts, Ice Packs & Pillows by Jaspa Herrington