3D Character and Question MarkWhy do we Combine Chiropractic with other modalities?

By not limiting ourselves to chiropractic techniques alone we have increased both;

1. The range of conditions we can effectively treat.

2. The efficiency of our therapy.

More than just chiropractic.

Our philosophy is to find the true cause of your pain & through a variety of techniques & approaches, attempt to ‘fix’ it. We are not satisfied with pain relief alone, we are not satisfied with you becoming reliant on us for relief, we are satisfied when we free you from ‘passive’ therapy & give you the information & techniques to manage your own condition.

Many of our success stories come from clients that have tried multiple single modality practitioners [such a Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists etc]. They have found different responses to each type of practitioner. In some cases one type was able to get 2-3 days benefit and another 2-3 weeks benefit. This is a good example of the specialisation of each profession. Each uses its own diagnostic model & therapeutic response to that diagnosis. Only when all the approaches are combined together do you find that a single musculo-skeletal presentation is made up of multiple components. Each of these components requires a different approach & also requires it to be applied in the correct order. This is usually something that a single modality practitioner is incapable of doing due to their over-specialisation & narrow focus.


That’s why we are Combining Chiropractic.